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How to be (un)happy – existentialism in a nutshell

In a previous blog I’ve written about the question of self love, how it can be achieved through a deep connection with another. In recent times I have become increasingly interested in the answers that existential philosophy offers to this question. In the wonderful talk linked below, Dr Meg-John Barker speaks about this and otherContinue reading “How to be (un)happy – existentialism in a nutshell”

Silence is golden?

The success of counselling may depend largely on what happens between counsellor and client – what is talked about, what is discovered in the exploration, the new reflections and insights that emerge. So what if you arrive at a counselling session and don’t know what to say? The feeling of not having anything to sayContinue reading “Silence is golden?”

Writing it out

In a previous article, I talked about the benefits of art in relation to mental wellbeing and how it can be used to aid communication in therapy. Here I specifically want to talk about writing, one of my own preferred outlets, and how I think it can be of great service when one feels stuckContinue reading “Writing it out”

How to move through trauma

When I was in training, someone recommended Bessel Van Der Kolk’s “The Body Keeps The Score” to me as fundamental reading. A seminal work on the latest understanding of trauma and its treatments, this book ended up having a profound effect on me and my work as a therapist. Since then I have read articles,Continue reading “How to move through trauma”

Art and therapy

I’ve used art and creativity all my life to express myself and make sense of the confusing vagaries of life. It wasn’t until I began my counselling training that I realised art could be used as a powerful therapeutic tool. Expressing oneself and making sense of life are of course two important processes in therapy.Continue reading “Art and therapy”

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